Tone6 (a.k.a., DJ Momentum) has become a comprehensive talent in the electronic dance music
industry over the past 15 years. He has been spinning, producing, and remixing records under the
moniker DJ Momentum since 1995. After a 2-year hiatus, he took on the name Tone6 to represent
the maturity and new direction of his productions.

Tone6 founded his love for breaks and house in the early 90s. With earlier influences like Magic
Mike, DJ Icey and Huda Hudia, he fell into the realm of Miami bass and old school, funky break

In the year 2000, Tone6 was signed and groomed by the well-established DJ X of Xquizit
Records and the Eastern Breakz Movement. Ever since,he has worked on labels such as Huda
Hudia's successful label Kaleidoscope Music, Madame Mercury and DJ Whatt's EMUOR label.
He now produces for DJ Warchild's Needlegruv imprint. Tone6 has remixed and worked with
artist like 2 Bad Mice, Jim Hopkins, Nick Skitz and Britney Spears (Jive authorized remix of
"Toxic" released on the Promo Only series).

To encompass Tone6's achievements of his multifaceted career, he's been signed and
commissioned to allow the release of nine 12" records entailing eleven original songs and five
remixes and a 19 track all original CD.