As an original member of Needlegruv, David Foster, previously known as DJ Fosterchild, was introduce to the dance music scene in the early '90s. With a willingness to absorb knowledge, David was educated by OKCs four fathers of the scene. David quickly sought out to be behind the turntables and aspired to be an influential force in the industry.

David respects all genres of dance music but is amorous toward breaks, bass, and electro. He held his first nightclub job at the age of 15 and continued to promote various shows and tours throughout Oklahoma City. David has held multiple residencies in the OKC and Dallas area and has performed at numerous venues including: Lizard Lounge (Dallas), The Joint at the Hard Rock Casino (Las Vegas), Snowdayz (Steamboat, CO), Access Radius (Scottsdale) and many more throughout the Southwest.

In 2006, with the support of friends and family, David opened his first after-hours underground venue which spawned into multiple weekly events, most recently SIN Sundays at one of OKC's largest nightclub venues, showcasing talent from around the world. With a strong sense of community and civil pride, the realization set in that David could use his influence to benefit others and raise awareness. He has volunteered with the Oklahoma Blood Institute and coordinated with various local media networks to encourage the community to register to be bone marrow donors for children in need of bone marrow transplants. Furthermore, David has worked with the American Red Cross in using his events to raise money and use venues as donation centers to help victims affected by the tornados that ravaged the city of Moore and further continues to work with Toys for Tots and other charitable organizations.

David's concepts have ripened into opening a full-service nightclub in 2012, Frequency Nightclub in Bricktown, Oklahoma City's entertainment district. Frequency Nightclub, powered by Needlegruv, gave David the opportunity to work with artists such as: DJ Icey, Kratfy Kutz, Freestylerzs, Deekline, Rel 1, Lee Coombs, $uper Geniu$, DJ Marty McFly, DJ Magic Mike, Kelly Reverb, DJ Love, DJ Dan, DJ Irene, J Paul Ghetto, DJ Andy Hughes, Alex Peace, AK 1200, Dara, Baby Anne, Jen Lasher, Shaolin & Raydar, Jeremy Dawson of Shiny of Toy Guns, Sinister, and DJ P while showcasing local talent.


David continues the legacy and believes it is "imperative to consult, encourage and support the next generation of movers and shakers to further the evolution of our scene" and to advance the Needlegruv brand to be a recognizable force within the industry. It is rumored that the artist known as Fosterchild will be returning to the tables the Summer of 2014.