Jon Damron, aka DJ J.DAM is a local Oklahoma City artist who got started in DJ’ing shortly after being introduced to Star 7 Diskotek, a local underground nightclub, at the end of 1996. He was so blown away by the nightlife culture that he was immediately addicted and needed more. He started collecting records and playing at small house parties around the Oklahoma City area and soon picked up some gear of his own and began to perfect his skills until he was ready for a larger stage.


Over the years he has been influenced by many great DJs/producers such as Icey, Deekline, Keith Mackenzie and Fixx which has lead him down the path of being primarily a Breakbeat DJ. Although J.DAM tends to play multi genre sets, Breakbeats reign supreme in his world. He hopes that all EDM lovers in OKC get to experience a J.DAM set at least once to see for themselves just what his capable of. Catch J.DAM on Friday nights and opening for major headliners at Frequency Nightclub.